Armelline's Smooth Swipe Controls

This template demonstrates how to implement a really smooth, easy to use and intuitive control system. This control scheme is the one used in the hit game Stealth Inc. When you tap the screen on the left side of the screen and swipe left or right from that point, it will control the left and right movement of your character.


No buttons or joystick needed – tap anywhere and swipe! Swipe a little to move slowly, or more to move faster. At any point you can jump by pressing the right side of the screen. Intelligent multitouch is used to mean any combination of swiping, tapping and releasing will be effective.


This is the best platformer control scheme available!


  • *Buttonless controls
  • *Define the swipe and tap areas as well as the gap between them
  • *Adaptive arrow signal current swipe direction and speed
  • *Easily modify the walk, run and jump speed
  • Example artwork included




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